Happy 2020 and My #makenine Goals!

Well it’s been a little while since I have been around this space! However, you can expect that to gear up this year πŸ™‚ I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start, mine has been all about healing and recovering from surgery right before the new year. Already, I am starting to feel better especially since I am back at the sewing machine!

There are lots of sewing plans on my list for the new year, but before we dive into my #makeninechallenge2020 goals; I wanted to share my general overview or guiding words/ideas for the year:

After lots of resting, I came up with my #makeninechallenge list (this is my first time participating in the challenge) and if that isn’t enough, resting up really led me to coming up with two different lists. My first list is my main challenge goals and they are all wips. I could probably fill a page up with my list of in process projects, so I decided on the top 9:

This year one of my main thing is finishing. With that I am thinking about half done projects, clean outs, challenges, etc. I want to make space for the new. Lots of evaluation as well of half done projects or even fabric that I set aside for specific projects may be moved around for a different purpose.

…and I figured I would be better to make another set of #makeninechallenge for new projects that I have been wanting to sew up. All of these I actually have the patterns and most of the materials for its just about creating the time to sew them up.

So, really 18 things is a lofty goal, but I think it is fairly doable (in fact, I already finished one project from the wip list!). Are you joining in the #makeninechallenge this year?

Currently Coveting & Adoring… No. 2

Gearing Up for Fall & Winter Sewing Sewing

After a couple of weeks of sewing here and there along with closet clean out, I am finally ready for my Fall Sewing Plans. Most of the list is going to be personal sewing, but there are a few things that I need to get done for the kiddos.

First up what I need to get accomplished for the kids:

  • C needs more pants
  • C Halloween PJ’s (the bottoms are done, and I am working on the shirt)
  • X quilt (ready to baste and start the free motion quilting)
  • S develop a legging pattern that is exactly how she wants them
  • Make X a button up of shirt as well probably a Negroni by Colette Patterns

Now onto for my main guy:

And now my list:

For most of these I will be “shopping” my newly organized fabric collection πŸ™‚ I did order in 5 yards of Halloween fabric and will also be making my mom a shirt as well. I am really trying to use fabrics that I already have in order to make room for more!

Since re-working my sewing room, I have been on a mission to use up lots of my stored up (aka hoarded favorites) instead of just letting them sit there. I also have plans to work on sewing up some new table runners, sewing mats for my sewing machines, a Halloween Banner for the front porch, new covers to add pillows to the sofas, and of course probably several random projects thrown in!

Pattern Testing: Montlake Tee by Straight Stitch Designs

I was so excited to get back into pattern testing. Since closing up my indie pattern shop and trying to get back into the swing of sewing while adjusting to sewing time based on c’s toddler schedule during the day and the life of two teenagers schedules keeps my day to day pretty full. My sewing time has been at a minimum, but that is slowly starting to change.

I jumped at the chance to test this previously released pattern which would now feature extended sizes and style options in the re-release. The timing was perfect in my schedule and I was lucky to make it into the testing group filled with many talented sewists.

Overall thoughts: This pattern is an absolute winner! If you don’t have it, I would say it would definitely be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. It’s a great fitting staple with enough options to let you make lots of combinations.

The Stats:

Pattern // Montlake Tee by Straight Stitch Designs

Size // I cut a straight 18

Cup Size // D

Sleeve Length // Elbow

Neckline // V-Neck

Fabric // French Terry from my fabric stash

Customizations // Machine embroidered bonjour

I already have plans for at least two more, fingers crossed possibly next weekend I will have enough time to cut and sew them! This pattern is one I can see myself sewing again and again due to great results and a fairly quick sew. Make sure to grab your copy today!

Temperature Blanket 2019 Check-In

So, I am a bit behind on my 2019 temperature blanket. The photo above is exactly January 1st through July 31st and is now officially just one super-extra-large blanket. Since this is really my very first crochet project, I just winged it! The blanket is actually folded in half (width wise) lengthwise it hangs over both sides of the couch. I absolutely love how the first part of the year turned out πŸ™‚

This blanket is already getting lots of love: it has been outside and curled up in by the fire pit, used for fort making for a busy toddler, the snuggly cats have napped in it, and it has been the blanket of choice for the teenagers when watching tv. All around I can see that it is going to be a family favorite for years to come!

I actually started the second blanket this past week. The second half of the year is going to end up quite a bit smaller in size. The photo above is just the first few days of July. It’s moving along much quicker since it is smaller and, yes, it is probably cheating a little since I am changing up the project halfway through the year, but live and learn! Now, I am just working on crocheting a couple of rows each day in order to get caught up sooner than later. I really want to finish up this project on time or as close to as possible. My plans for the 2020 version have already been made and I literally can’t wait to get started on it! It’s going to be totally different then this one in pattern and colors.

What do you think about temperature blankets? Would you rather crochet, knit, or quilt them?

Currently Coveting & Adoring…. No. 1

  • currently reading— Sew News Magazine and Threads Magazine
  • currently sewing— the Laurelhurst Cardigan by Straight Stitch Designs
  • currently adoring— the leaves falling Autumn is my favorite time of year.
  • currently baking— scones! well they are on the agenda along with muffins πŸ˜‰
  • currently drinking— Extra hot non-fat Hazelnut lattes
  • currently covetingthese 24kt gold pins
  • currently watching— Silent Witness season 6 on Amazon Prime
  • currently quilting— the Get Cozy Mini Pattern by Pen + Paper Patterns
  • currently cooking— homemade pizza
  • currently designing— a sewing mat for an upcoming class at TFSC
  • currently crocheting/knitting— the second half of my temperature blanket because I made the blanket so big I am going to have to the first 6 months and the second 6 months into a second blanket.
  • currently machine embroidering—halloween decor
  • currently added to my must sew list Cielo Top & Kalle Shirt from Closet Case Files

A Little Nap Time Sewing

The other morning I spent C’s nap time working on a few projects that I have laying about my sewing room. I have lots of fall sewing plans, however, time always seems to be in short supply around here.

Little man is busy being a fun, loving toddler, and the middle schooler and high schooler are getting back into the new school year groove, needless to say our normal routines have been shaken up a bit.

Anyways, today I picked back up on one of my wip’s from awhile ago: The Portside Duffle by Grainline Studio. I have had most of the parts cut out for quite some time (still haven’t decided on a lining but I have narrowed it down). I managed to get several parts sewn up and started working on the dopp kit as well. I also need to get the webbing for the straps and some hardware.

My goal is to have the set finished up (along with some more garments to put in it) for when I go to the Makers retreat this November. I will be working on it here and there throughout the week and I am going to be going back to sewing for me on Sundays. It makes a great stress reliever and keeps me expanding my skills.

I also spent a few minutes ironing on this metallic iron-on to a pre-made shirt for fall! I have plans to make a Halloween themed shirt as well.