Can one ever have too many tea towels!?

In between regular sewing and tackling my project to do list, I have been busy running one of my sewing machines in embroidery mode! I have had a large pile of machine embroidery ideas & designs that I have been wanting to stitch out, so I picked some of the light stitching ones and set about to stitching up new towels.

Here’s a look at some of the finished towels:

All of these designs were found on Urban Threads:

  1. French Cafe- Le Cafe
  2. Kitchen Stitchin’- Time for Tea
  3. Coffee ’til Cocktails *This one I am planning on stitching on a shirt too!
  4. Uncorked- Time to Uncork and Unwind *this one I switched to a one color design instead of the ombre effect.

And the design above was a free one from Urban Threads as well. Each of the big kids got a new hand towel with a very mom approved friendly reminder!

Wash Your Hands from Urban Threads

I am still working through a stack of towels that I have. They are pretty light so next time I think I will be getting a heavier weight of towel. Overall, I love having a fresh stack of tea towels and slowly cleaning out my basket of “to-be embroidered” pile!

Zipper Pouch

I realized when I was writing up my #makenine update, I never blogged about the zipper pouch. This pouch was made using two orphan quilt blocks that had been hanging out on my quilt wall for longer than I care to admit. So I decided to make them into something useable since I wasn’t going to make them into a quilt.

After finding a zipper and some extra fabric I set to work quilting the individual blocks with some simple decorative stitches from my machine. I made my quilt sandwich with the block, batting, and muslin and the bag isn’t lined. This is a wonderful place to experiment with some of those decorative stitches on your machine.

Once everything was quilted, I worked on attaching the zipper to the fabric I found that coordinated, sewed up the bag and added box corners. To finish the bag I added a tassel as a zipper pull. This pouch as been getting lots of use since I store all my computer things in it. πŸ™‚

April #Makenine Update

Here, we are at the April check in and I actually have 4 things crossed off. The table runner just got finished up, so I will need to get another check mark on there! I am making some good progress on my #makeninewip. Sidenote: I haven’t even blogged my orphan block zipper pouch, but I will try and get it posted later this week.

Here’s a look at what I already crossed off:

This upcoming week, I will be tackling a few more projects along with starting a few more projects, I am sure! One of the biggest things that I am attempting to do is… use what I have instead of getting caught up in starting something new and getting new supplies. Even though it is slightly challenging it has been fun crossing things off my list and emptying my shelves, projects bins, and piles. Now back to sewing!

The Single Girl Quilt…

10 years in the works, and it was finally finished this past week!

I have been working on this one forever it seems like, so here are the details:

Pattern: Single Girl Quilt by Denyse Schmidt

Size: Throw/Lap (its about 51″ x 51″)

Fabric: the rings are out of a Tula Pink Plume charm pack, it took a lot of tricky cutting to get all the pieces out of a charm pack for the for rings. A Kona solid for the gray.

Backing: just lots of scraps of Tula Pink fabric I had in my fabric stash.

Binding: I did an extra wide machine binding to essentially frame the quilt. It is a another scrappy binding (my favorite style) of Tula Pink mostly the Plume and Parisville collections.

Quilting details:

Ruler work- for the straight lines, not perfect, but was practicing.

Free Motion- wavy pattern in corners of the outside ring blocks and around the gem in the center of each ring.

Machine Embroidery- the gem in the center design from Urban Threads found here.

Just regular quilting with my multipurpose foot is inside the rings.

Now that this quilt is finished up I can cross another thing off of my #makenine list (expect an update on that later this week). For now this quilt is being loved and bundled up in.

And of course, I added one of my favorites favorite woven labels from Kylie and the Machine too the back corner of the binding.

I am using our stay at home time to work on lots of unfinished and works in progress along with starting a few new ones in between, because let’s face it I couldn’t resist.

This past week…

has been a wave of emotions, between highs and lows, I have been just trying to take it a day at a time, make that an hour or even a minute at a time. I decided to try and to focus my energy towards my family and finding ways to bring joys to their day. X, C, and I have been exploring lots of art and going on virtual tours of different places. For me, relieving the stress and anxiety of everything has me cooking, baking, and sewing up a storm.

Here’s a little bit of what I have been working on over the course of the month:

For C’s Birthday I added a cow embroidery to his birthday shirt! It was a huge hit πŸ™‚
Started quilting my single girl quilt, which has been an unfinished project for the last 10 years, it is going to be done sooner than later that’s for sure!
I also started painting with some watercolor. Trying to mix up my creative routine.

During this time, I am trying to finish up projects that have been started and start a few new ones in the process.

Phinney Ridge by Straight Stitch Designs

When Kimberly posted a testing call for her Phinney Ridge cardigan (with new expanded size range), I knew I would love to test, after checking my calendar to make sure I could sew it up during the timeline and hoping I would get to test it, when the email came, I knew I wanted to sew up a basic that would become a wardrobe staple.

And let me tell you this piece is definitely going to end up being in constant rotation in my wardrobe! I already wore it to work and it was a huge hit πŸ˜ƒHere are a few progress shots, especially of the buttonhole making, probably my favorite part of sewing this together since my machine makes sewing buttonholes so easy.

I used some water soluable stabilizer to make sure the buttonhole stitched out just right. I made a couple of test buttonholes in different styles and to double check that they would work for my chosen buttons. After stitch the buttonholes, I trimmed the stabilizer and then washed the rest away after I completed the cardigan.

Some of the features I really like are the waistband and wide cuffs along with the topstitching. For my next version, I am hoping to add the elbow patches and I might lengthen it just a couple of inches!

I sewed up a straight size 18 with a B Cup in a Riley Blake knit. You can find the pattern in her shop here. I hope you check it out!

Lots of Handbags

I haven’t been doing as much sewing as I would love, however, I have been busy cleaning and reorganizing my sewing space (an atelier/studio tour coming soon πŸ˜ƒ) In between all that cleaning I have managed some sewing!

Mostly, I have been busy sewing up Sallie Tomato handbags and in the process have totally become obsessed with zipper by the yard! I am teaching the handbag of the month class at work, so I have been busy sewing them up. First up is Ginger:

One of the best parts of teaching these classes is that I am using up lots of fabric from my fabric stash along with some of my most coveted fabrics that I have been hoarding. For this Ginger handbag, I used some denim along with a variety of Anna Marie Horner fabric that I have had for quite sometime. I think it will be a wonderful spring bag. I used a gold topstitching thread to really make it stand out and used some of my custom labels on the inside along with a metal handmade on the lower right of the bag. I love to add custom details to these handbags.

Next up is the Holly handbag:

These photos don’t really do this handbag justice! I spent lots of time fussy cutting the faux crocodile to get the print just fight. I have been hoarding this 1/2 yard cut of the Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper and Co. Les Fleurs City Map fabric for a several years. One side features Paris and the other London. For lining I used a metallic gold Eiffel tower printed fabric. I did customize the inside side pocket to fit my phone. This handbag is one that I am going to reach for over and over.

The third handbag is Moon River:

So my favorite feature on this bag is the strap connectors. I adore how they came together with this bag. I used denim with an Alison Glass fabric, I think?! I have had in my stash for several year looking for the right project. It is lined in a solid navy Kona Cotton. This bag also features a recessed zipper which I really love. I would only make one change and that would be to add another outside side pocket without the flap. This handbag is probably going to end up being my work tote bag.

This weekend I will be starting on the Zippy handbag. I am loving all the hardware and details on these patterns, plus the instructions are wonderful! I am having a blast working on this and at the end I will have 12 new handbags and hopefully a lighter fabric stash πŸ˜‰

Happy 2020 and My #makenine Goals!

Well it’s been a little while since I have been around this space! However, you can expect that to gear up this year πŸ™‚ I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start, mine has been all about healing and recovering from surgery right before the new year. Already, I am starting to feel better especially since I am back at the sewing machine!

There are lots of sewing plans on my list for the new year, but before we dive into my #makeninechallenge2020 goals; I wanted to share my general overview or guiding words/ideas for the year:

After lots of resting, I came up with my #makeninechallenge list (this is my first time participating in the challenge) and if that isn’t enough, resting up really led me to coming up with two different lists. My first list is my main challenge goals and they are all wips. I could probably fill a page up with my list of in process projects, so I decided on the top 9:

This year one of my main thing is finishing. With that I am thinking about half done projects, clean outs, challenges, etc. I want to make space for the new. Lots of evaluation as well of half done projects or even fabric that I set aside for specific projects may be moved around for a different purpose.

…and I figured I would be better to make another set of #makeninechallenge for new projects that I have been wanting to sew up. All of these I actually have the patterns and most of the materials for its just about creating the time to sew them up.

So, really 18 things is a lofty goal, but I think it is fairly doable (in fact, I already finished one project from the wip list!). Are you joining in the #makeninechallenge this year?

Currently Coveting & Adoring… No. 2

Gearing Up for Fall & Winter Sewing Sewing

After a couple of weeks of sewing here and there along with closet clean out, I am finally ready for my Fall Sewing Plans. Most of the list is going to be personal sewing, but there are a few things that I need to get done for the kiddos.

First up what I need to get accomplished for the kids:

  • C needs more pants
  • C Halloween PJ’s (the bottoms are done, and I am working on the shirt)
  • X quilt (ready to baste and start the free motion quilting)
  • S develop a legging pattern that is exactly how she wants them
  • Make X a button up of shirt as well probably a Negroni by Colette Patterns

Now onto for my main guy:

And now my list:

For most of these I will be “shopping” my newly organized fabric collection πŸ™‚ I did order in 5 yards of Halloween fabric and will also be making my mom a shirt as well. I am really trying to use fabrics that I already have in order to make room for more!

Since re-working my sewing room, I have been on a mission to use up lots of my stored up (aka hoarded favorites) instead of just letting them sit there. I also have plans to work on sewing up some new table runners, sewing mats for my sewing machines, a Halloween Banner for the front porch, new covers to add pillows to the sofas, and of course probably several random projects thrown in!