Gearing Up for Fall & Winter Sewing Sewing

After a couple of weeks of sewing here and there along with closet clean out, I am finally ready for my Fall Sewing Plans. Most of the list is going to be personal sewing, but there are a few things that I need to get done for the kiddos.

First up what I need to get accomplished for the kids:

  • C needs more pants
  • C Halloween PJ’s (the bottoms are done, and I am working on the shirt)
  • X quilt (ready to baste and start the free motion quilting)
  • S develop a legging pattern that is exactly how she wants them
  • Make X a button up of shirt as well probably a Negroni by Colette Patterns

Now onto for my main guy:

And now my list:

For most of these I will be “shopping” my newly organized fabric collection 🙂 I did order in 5 yards of Halloween fabric and will also be making my mom a shirt as well. I am really trying to use fabrics that I already have in order to make room for more!

Since re-working my sewing room, I have been on a mission to use up lots of my stored up (aka hoarded favorites) instead of just letting them sit there. I also have plans to work on sewing up some new table runners, sewing mats for my sewing machines, a Halloween Banner for the front porch, new covers to add pillows to the sofas, and of course probably several random projects thrown in!

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