Zipper Pouch

I realized when I was writing up my #makenine update, I never blogged about the zipper pouch. This pouch was made using two orphan quilt blocks that had been hanging out on my quilt wall for longer than I care to admit. So I decided to make them into something useable since I wasn’t going to make them into a quilt.

After finding a zipper and some extra fabric I set to work quilting the individual blocks with some simple decorative stitches from my machine. I made my quilt sandwich with the block, batting, and muslin and the bag isn’t lined. This is a wonderful place to experiment with some of those decorative stitches on your machine.

Once everything was quilted, I worked on attaching the zipper to the fabric I found that coordinated, sewed up the bag and added box corners. To finish the bag I added a tassel as a zipper pull. This pouch as been getting lots of use since I store all my computer things in it. 🙂