Temperature Blanket 2019 Check-In

So, I am a bit behind on my 2019 temperature blanket. The photo above is exactly January 1st through July 31st and is now officially just one super-extra-large blanket. Since this is really my very first crochet project, I just winged it! The blanket is actually folded in half (width wise) lengthwise it hangs over both sides of the couch. I absolutely love how the first part of the year turned out 🙂

This blanket is already getting lots of love: it has been outside and curled up in by the fire pit, used for fort making for a busy toddler, the snuggly cats have napped in it, and it has been the blanket of choice for the teenagers when watching tv. All around I can see that it is going to be a family favorite for years to come!

I actually started the second blanket this past week. The second half of the year is going to end up quite a bit smaller in size. The photo above is just the first few days of July. It’s moving along much quicker since it is smaller and, yes, it is probably cheating a little since I am changing up the project halfway through the year, but live and learn! Now, I am just working on crocheting a couple of rows each day in order to get caught up sooner than later. I really want to finish up this project on time or as close to as possible. My plans for the 2020 version have already been made and I literally can’t wait to get started on it! It’s going to be totally different then this one in pattern and colors.

What do you think about temperature blankets? Would you rather crochet, knit, or quilt them?